Thursday, August 24, 2006

If I'm Not Back in 24 Hours, Just Wait Longer.

The roof is almost finished.

Can you hardly not wait for the before and after?

That's what I thought.

You’ll just have to wait longer.

I have nothing witty to say, so I will give you a small slice of gonzo from the late great Hunter S. Thompson, apropos of nothing.

“I decided to call my attorney as soon as possible. Have him wire me some money to buy a huge albino Doberman. Denver is a national clearinghouse for stolen Dobermans. They come from all parts of the country.”


Jenny said...

Now I really want an albino doberman! How cool would it be say, "I have an albino doberman." It would be really cool, just in case you were wondering.

piglet said...

I can see you strolling about with your albino Doberman, Sigmund, your constant companion, by your side...