Sunday, November 30, 2008

And the Lion Shall Lie Down with the Lamb

Oregonian photo.  Jeremiah Masoli: quarterback-slash-running-back-slash-slasher-and-burner.

Scene I:  Ducks and Beavers eating an after-thanksgiving lasagna dinner in peace and jolliness.

Scene II:  Ducks and Beavers sitting down together to watch the annual Civil War game, Oregon vs. Oregon State, in an atmosphere of detente and forgiveness (for the undercooked ribs), followed not long after by some Beaver weeping and gnashing of teeth, but no (visible) Duck dancing nor nanny-nannying.

And lo, the Beaver didst say, "Thou must waitest unto the next year, and at that time shall the Beaver of the Valley of the Corn rise up and defeatest the Waterfowl of the City of the Toasted Whole Grain Snack (with Honey and Almonds)."

And peace descendeth upon the land.  For now.


cpt a said...

And was beautificatious.

DT said...

you guys are dorks

cpt a said...

Civil war winning Dorks...