Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Shopping Therapy, Dork Style

Ended up at Bridgeport Village again for another session with the Apple geniuses.  No, I have not joined the Church of Apple yet.  After a couple of weeks with this MacBook, I can understand the appeal of the simplicity of the software, but it's not that different from Windows.  Just different. Okay, and maybe a little more elegant, in the scientific sense.

I was there and all so I tried to do a little Christmas shopping.  And in pure piglet style, I bought stuff for myself.  

Hey, I'm much easier to shop for.  My boss has one of everything, the Captain buys what he wants, and I drew a crabby, video-game-playing ten-year-old in the family gift-a-palooza.

I checked out one of those stores for Ladies of a Certain Flabby Age, looked at all the shiny clothes (color! flowers! gold thread! look here!), and bought four long-sleeved t shirts (one in each of four colors) because they were soft.

I also visited an Origins shop and insisted that the shopgirl sell me products (so sorry to disturb her solitude) to replace all my expensive skin care products of A Certain Brand Often Sold By Friends (that seem to cure wrinkles with the same gentle touch as paint thinner) with less turpentiney, yet more expensive skin care products that I know will not peel off my skin.

Now, if I could just find a cure for this week-long sinus headache.  That would be a successful day shopping.

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