Thursday, November 20, 2008

$3 Movie Review: Dark Knight

The only things that pierced the veil of dark doom of this film were the many, many, many explosions.

The scariest moment was when a spider crawled onto my neck during hour - oh, say hour 17.

I'm exhausted from trying to get comfortable in the theater seat during the 20 - or was it 32 - hours of the Dark Knight while protecting my neck from the remainders of the spider family.

Drew liked it.  

So, reviewers: thumbs up.  Drew:  thumbs up.  Me:  whatever.  There were fewer groaningly corny lines in Incredible Hulk.  Give me Michael Keaton practicing how to say "I'm Batman" while planning to spring the news on Vicki Vale. More comics, less grisly deathics.

I'm going to go dream of ice cream and butterflies.

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