Saturday, June 30, 2007

It's Quiet Here in Once-Rural Clark County

...Except for the week preceding the Fourth of July, when they reenact the Revolutionary War nightly.

I would go to bed, but it would be of little use. I'll just go finish my book until they get tired of blowing things up. Usually around midnight.

Nighty-night. Yikes, that one was close.


Zed said...

Now that it's July 2nd, have they stepped things up even more? Is that possible?

piglet said...

We had a bit of a lull last night, it being Sunday and all, I reckon.

Here on the westest of coasts, it's still sunny, so I'll have to report back. I'm dreading tomorrow night (the 3rd), because we have concert tickets and must leave our rather high-strung collie alone in the house.

It could get ugly.

piglet said...

Okay, it's bad.