Friday, June 29, 2007

Wait, Wait, I Need a Nap

If you listen to NPR's current events funny-game show Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me on Saturday morning at 11, you will not hear me in the audience, but maybe you will feel my enormous presence through your radio (and I say enormous because I have pictorial proof that my mirror lied to me about how large I looked before going out last night).

I met seven people whom I had never met before, although I have talked with them many, many times through the magic of Adam Felber's blog, Fanatical Apathy. It was like we had all known each other for years. A weird feeling when you are looking at strange faces (well, a little strange).

The panel for the evening consisted of Roy Blount, Jr., down-home raconteur and author extraordinaire, Amy Dickinson of Ask Amy column fame (and funny as hell), and Adam Felber, author of the novel Schrodinger's Ball, TV writer, and comedy improviseur extraordinaire.

Thanks to Adam's A-list pull, we all got together after the taping to guzzle champagne in the richer-than-thou meet-and-greet after-party, then headed to the nearest bar to commence the after-after-party, hang with Adam and guzzle some more.

Adam is the nicest guy in show business. If you don't know about him yet, just wait longer, because you will.

We pulled up to the homestead around 1 a.m. and the alarm clock went off at 6 a.m. No big thing. Enough coffee and I stop wobbling. Luckily, I was not tasked with anything particularly thinking-intensive today because experience has taught me that I can generate a paper storm of legal disaster when I have a bad brain day at work.

Drew served as my chauffeur for the night. It would have been deadly dull for him (being that he is not In The Know re: Fanatical Apathy lore), but for Brian Davis of Becca and Brian fame, who kept him entertained with stories of their cool, cool 15-month trip around the world.

Now Drew is ready to hit the road. Actually, he is currently on the road, headed for the track, thinking (no, hoping) that it will be dry enough to ride tonight. Good luck with that.

Olympically Training Son Boastings for the night: 2

NOTE: The track stayed dry while it rained all around. But Drew got beat by a couple girls. Again. At least they were the fast girls.


SeattleDan said...

Not only is Adam the nicest guy in Show Biz, the NW Felbernauts are the nicest people in the blogosphere. It was our distinct pleasure to meet you, and Drew, as well as everyone else. What fun!

Of course our drive home was a bit white-knuckle, with downpours, hydroplaning driving cowboys, and other parking lots we encountered on I-5. But we're home, safe and sound.

Thanks again for such a good time.

piglet said...

Likewise right back at you.

Glad you made it home safe(ish).