Monday, July 02, 2007

Photo Essay with No Redeeming Value Whatsoever

Here I am relaxing on the patio this evening and enjoying the view of my new shoes. They are so cute, they (a) make my feet look TINY and (b) take the focus away from my white (as the god of the Celtic people intended) legs.

Here is Coco, trying (and failing) to relax on the patio. She meows and meows to be let out, and once she gets her wish, she decides (understandably) that the world is a messed-up place and she wants back inside where it's safe.

Here is Drew enjoying the view of me on the patio in my new shoes. Again, understandable.

Here is one of the blooms on my hydrangea bush, which is sadly hidden from view in the side yard. I post this here to help to rectify the injustice.


Jenny said...

Lovely hydrangea bush. Have a good 4th of July tomorrow. If the neighbors get too unruly you can always start shooting bottle rockets at them. Nothing like a trip to the emergency room to quiet an overly zealous group of firworks enthusiasts.

Brian & Becca Davis said...

Not to sound like too much of a girl but "WAY cute shoes." (and they look comfy too). What kind are they? Where did you get them?

dee said...

Yeah -- what becca said about the shoes. They are tres tres cute and I want some, too.

And catching up on the ivy thing -- I have fought the ivy fight for years. I pull and hack till my arms and legs are sore. Nothing provides a greater sense of satisfaction than seeing a patch denuded of the creeping green monster. But it requires eternal vigilance. I would pay good money for just a quart or two of Agent Orange to spread around and kill the stuff once and for all.

piglet said...

Vancouver has a kick-ass shoe store hidden in a strip mall behind the Olive Garden across from the Vancouver Mall (which they insist is now called Westfield ShoppingTown and we say Bite Me).

Not inexpensive though. These are from Brazil and they say "Morenatom" on them. Drew's new shoes are from Israel - no kidding.