Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Boss: Gambled and Lost. Me: Stayed Home and Won.

My boss listened to the weather dudes completely freaking out and canceled work for today. Actually, the day from my window didn't look all that treacherous.

Nevertheless, here I was with an extra day to GET THINGS DONE.  There are so many THINGS that need to be DONE before we host Christmas next week.  Cookies to bake.  Presents to buy. Food to procure and prepare. Surfaces to clean.

So I marched into the kitchen to start on those cookies.  But I couldn't raise my arm to chop the walnuts.  All the chi just drained out of me. It could have been the sleepless night, trying to breathe through my wrecked nose, stuffed to the brain with snot.  No, I have not shaken that cold. Trying to blow it out into tissues and otherwise going about my business has not worked. And getting so frustrated at two in the morning for the twentieth night that I start to cry predictably makes it less than better.

So I took the hint from my dangling useless arms and sat down on the couch with a book.  One book and several web articles (and, um, some YouTube videos) later, I am feeling some chi return.  A little.  And tentatively, like a bunny sneaking back into the dogs' back yard.

I may be persuaded that God brought this snow day to give my immune system a chance to catch up with this evil, evil germ.

But probably not.


hedera said...

Zinc tablets (pills, not the things you chew) I find have a positive effect on cold viruses, although yours sounds pretty well entrenched. Still, you might try the effect of a daily dose of 50 mg of zinc. I take 'em for at least 5 days at the first sign of a cold and my colds are noticeably less offensive. I didn't make this up, I got the advice from my allergy MD.

piglet said...

There was a Portland doctor back in the day - not Linus Pauling - a Dr. Something Smith - who prescribed zinc for the sore throat accompanying a cold. Everybody thought he was a crackpot at the time, but maybe he was on to something.