Friday, January 11, 2008

In Which Drew Faces New Competition for his Title of Captain America

Here's an article from The Advocate ("Covering West & Northwest Tasmania since 1890"), featuring our hero, Dean, on the far left, and his superhero friends, Kelyn Akuna and Eugene Chacherine, with their US Cycling Team coach, Des Dickie. Their "lack of experience" involves a favorite type of race at the Tasmanian Christmas Carnivals, the handicap race, where beginners can go up against pros and everyone in between by racing from a staggered start. It's not raced much here, and certainly not in the same way. They got to learn by doing. You should be able to read the article by clicking on it.

Drew's nickname at the Fire Department has been Captain America, practically from the day he made Captain, stemming from his clean-cut, laced-up, by-the-book, helping-little-old-ladies-cross-the-street, return-the-penny-to-the-cashier style of captainage.

But now Dean shows up with an actual Captain America suit. That's gonna be hard to beat.

Here's an article from the Launceston, Tasmania Sunday Examiner ("serving Launceston since three weeks ago today, unless you count last Sunday when we slept in and decided to give the whole thing a pass"). This is a newspaper that knows how to hook you with the headline. Dean was not involved in this particular carnage-inducing event.


cpt a said...

I could take all 3 of 'em and steal their little suits. 'Course I'd have to sew 'em all together to make it big enough to fit..

DT said...

you'd have to catch us first, big guy