Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Another Reason Why This Country is Going to Hell

They have found a way to drain the marginal amount of exercise which may have been gained by one particular popular video game, which I kind of had my eye on, because it would have been one of those few things with which I could have beat the pants off of Drew.


cpt a said...

Hey, I can finger dance like you wouldn't believe...and who says you have to beat my pants off of me?

Brian & Becca Davis said...

get a room, children.



SeattleDan said...

Well, that was, er, edifying! Yes, edifying. Tammy says it's British and that's all we need to know. It could be the Nyquil talking.

We were going to begin our property hunts for SW Washington, Nor.Oregon, and coastal regions this weekend. But Tammy has come down with a vicious cold. Looks like we'll shoot for the last weekend in January. We'll be in touch as we get things planned. Hoping for a Felbernaut reunion!

piglet said...

This winter has been an evil one for colds. Here's hoping for two working nostrils in your near future.