Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Big Canvas, Little Brain

In the middle of a big canvas. Leaves me with no room in the brain pan for word thingies. Here. Instead, you can look at my last completed painting. I call it She Who Watches The Oracle. Or The Oracle for short.

Drew knows an albino nutria whom he feels has oracular powers. He felt that she deserved a painting of her own. When I planned the painting, I thought she deserved an oracular setting, so I moved the great Northwest Indian petroglyph, She Who Watches, or Tsagaglalal (really), to the river bank, so She could keep an eye on her. According to an old Wishram legend, Tsagaglalal was the last of the female chiefs, before the world changed and females were no longer held in such esteem. Tsagaglalal was turned to stone by old Coyote and set in a place where she could watch her tribe forever.

The petroglyph is no longer in its original position due to vandalism of evil people, but State Park authorities lead regular guided tours in the summer.

If you need me, I'll be in the back yard scooping poop.

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DT said...

Tsagaglalal is the name of my new metal band