Sunday, July 23, 2006

Somehow we have encouraged this.

This is the sort of havoc that ensues at, say, 50% of Keirin races. This particular havoc courtesy of the 2004 Olympics.
This is the sort of padding Keirin racers wear in Japan, where it is the number one betting sport. They wear padding because the object of the game is to come across the finish line first at all costs, if you get my drift. Costs may include skin and/or bones.
These are the crowds they get at Japanese Keirin races.

Dean won the Oregon State championship Keirin race today at the fabled Alpenrose Velodrome. I'm going to guess that the crowd was not quite that size. I'm having to guess because if I had gone out to watch, my skin would have melted from the sun and, from all accounts, my stomach would have succeeded in escaping my body in fright.

But he still has all his skin and bones. And a new jersey.

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Dean said...

everyone knows that Japanese kierin racers are real life gangsta thugs