Friday, July 07, 2006

Notes de le Tour and all thingies Bicyclette

  • Robbie McEwen is a magic elf.
  • Al Trautwig just used the "word" aerodynamicism. He must be eliminated.
  • Floyd Landis, whatever they are paying you, it isn't enough to be seen in those silly-ass sunglasses.
  • Hear me and believe me later. George Hincapie will win the Tour. Unless his handlebars come off again. Two words: duct tape.
  • The annual Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge is this weekend. Dean will be hurling himself around the Steepest Velodrome In The Country against Very Large Animals. I have been training for the weekend by wearing an underwire bra for two days in a row. It doesn't quite deliver the same level of nausea and angst as watching the racing, but it comes close. Similarly, taking it off is almost as good as watching a winning sprint. (Hands up in victory and jump up and down! Yay!).
  • See you at the AVC.


Jenny said...

Underwire bras....yuck! Men have it so easy....the scum!

piglet said...

Underwire bras, panty hose and high heels. WTF. Just say no to the conspiracy. Fight the man.