Thursday, July 20, 2006

Oh. My. God.

What a stage at the Tour de Frenchies today! Damned if Floyd Landis didn't grunt back into contention with a ridiculously hard ride, taking back all but a whisker of the nine minutes he lost yesterday when he pooped up the mountains like he exchanged legs with me for a day. What???? True!!!

And look at that face! It is the face of 2006, my friends. Beauty-free, but guts-rich.

Update: according to Dean, Landis slaughtered his foes, made a new bike from their bones, and rode it to victory in a pillar of white light.


Dean said...

finally some excitement in the tour. it's been kinda boring for the last few years...

Jenny said...

and I guess now we know how he did it that drug taking jerk! Ugh, these people are giving cycling a bad bad name! Shame on them!