Sunday, July 02, 2006

4th of July weekend, Annie's least favorite time of year

This is what Scotty looks like after hearing the first firework bangs of a long evening of many more, if one can judge by last night (possible thought process: Doy, dee, doy, doy, doodly do).

This is what Annie looks like. Poor Annie. Laying on cement is bad enough, but less awful than the green scratchy stuff that Scotty lays on. There's probably a bug in it.

And the noise, noise, noise, noise! She can't go on like this.

I'm not giving her those drugs the vet gives her this year. I don't think it keeps her from being panicky. I think it just makes it harder for her to do anything about it. Great for the dog owner. Not so great for the dog.

Luckily, she's taking some of her cues from Scotty, who could not care less about the whiz-bangs. She's trying to be brave, like a queen should be, but it is wearing on her, and it is only the 2nd. Buck up, little Annie! Three more nights to go!

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Jenny said...

I will always remember Annie this way. If I could show any picture to describe her personality, this would be it.