Saturday, May 02, 2009

Vacation Captain's Log: Pooped Edition

We took a tour of the Capitol today. I would post pictures from the tour, but most of them were just pictures of the herd of people taking the mega-human-mover tour with us. So instead, here are some pictures of my favorite statues today. Lovely naked ladies riding mer-horses. Yes! The horses had fish tails! I'm not sure how these erotic delicacies got the OK for placement right outside the Library of Congress, but I'm not unglad. I love them.

Omigod, what is she doing to her mer-horse?

After mooing along with the herd at the Capitol tour, we knocked out the two-building behemoth that is the National Art Museum. Van Gogh. Manet. Monet. Lichtenstein. Mondrian. Picasso. Lots of other guys. At the Modern Art building, the poor art guards spend all day telling the tourists not to climb on this particularly lumpy but attractive Art Installation. Geez, what a job.

I know of a friend of a son who likes triangles and bicycles. Here are some of both.

We found a quiet spot on the side of a very busy Lincoln Monument for a breather before we headed back to the hotel. So tired right now. 

Good night.

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