Friday, May 01, 2009

Vacation Captain's Log: Panda Edition

We decided that the best way to get to the National Zoo from our hotel was via super-tourist double-decker bus. Thus we have surrendered to Full Tourist Status. Without shame. We are complete camera-toting tourists in a city of people who consider themselves Really Goddam Important. Thirty percent of the population of this city works in some form of government service and they all consider themselves to be running the country pretty much singlehandedly. That's okay. Passion is what we need. I just hope its the right kind of passion.

Today we had an Important Mission: Panda Sighting. Yes, we have already been to a zoo on this trip. Yes, I am a member of the Oregon Zoo in Portland. But important fact: neither of these zoos have Giant Pandas and the National Zoo does. Thus, we ventured. And thus, we conquered. Behold.


Also importantly, these little antelope were enjoying some succulent spring leaves:

I, however, was doing the opposite of enjoying the succulent spring pollen. It was thick. And so was my phlegm. Between the dinner drinks and antihistamines, I am currently completely Benadrilled.

Also importantly, we found the Dramatic Prairie Dog:

Also importantly, this tiger seriously wanted to eat us. Luckily, this was prevented.

Tomorrow we kick tourist ass at the Capital.

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D.B. Echo said...

Please. You were already branded as common tourist scum by entering the Smithsonian. It is a mark of pride among the locals that I have known to have lived and/or worked in D.C. for X number of years and to have never even thought of going into any of the museums, galleries, or other places not directly related to their own jobs.

WVW: brolinho. The little sister Josh Brolin never talks about.