Sunday, May 03, 2009

Vacation Captain's Log: Colbert Edition

What we discovered today:

  • The CVS store by our hotel rakes it in when it rains. The garbage can out front was full of the little plastic sleeves that umbrellas come in.
  • The technical Nike pants that I was wearing are excellent at wicking moisture. I know this because the hem came out of one leg, and the pants did a bang-up job of wicking all the water on the sidewalk right up my leg.
  • All the tourists pile into the museums on rainy days. For the last three days, the museums have been light-to-slightly-crowded. Today, they were packed. We gave up on the Holocaust Museum due to crowds waiting to get in. We braved the crowds at the American History Museum, but they were thick and jostle-y enough that I wasn't really retaining or enjoying what I was reading or seeing.
  • Security guards either have lousy taste in restaurants, or get kick-backs for sending tourists to miserable pizza restaurants located in second-rate food courts.
  • The Stephen Colbert portrait is firmly fastened to the wall.

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D.B. Echo said...

I once took shelter in a Barnes & Noble in Georgetown during a massive storm. We chould have suspected something was happening when the temperature changed about fifty degrees in a few hours.

I could live in the Museum of Natural History for the rest of my life and never get bored. But if you still have time, the Freer Gallery is one of the great overlooked treasures of the National Mall.