Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Can See the Beauty of a Hermit Cave

Does it help that the next door demon's parents feel bad that their spawn is of Satan?  Not much. It would help more if they supervised their rug rats, instead of choosing serial apology.

It seems that the Bad Seed gets pouty when Scotty The Adorable gets bored with standing by the fence and getting fed wood chips and dirt, and so he throws stuff over the fence at him when Scotty turns away. It started with dirt clods (once so many that I came home to their father in my back yard, trying to sweep up the mess). Yesterday, it escalated to lumber. I happened to see him toss a pointy stick at Scotty, and I headed out the door with death in my heart, and a soft but firm voice.

I didn't think that his parents saw this time, but I guess I was wrong, as I came home from work today to this note in my mail box.

I just have a feeling that being made to apologize just makes this kid pissed off. I guess we'll wait and see.

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