Tuesday, May 05, 2009

So I Got Home and Cleaned Up the Dog Poop...

Our dog sitter is a trained vet tech. Maybe that means that she gets confused when dogs whine, thinking that could mean a number of things, other than what it usually means, namely that they need to go outside. Because she said that Scotty kept whining, but she couldn't figure out what he needed. 

Maybe that also means that she has developed an immunity to the smell of dog poop. She left us a note that she kind of smelled poop this morning when she got up, but could not find it. 

That's funny, because there was a Jackson Pollack painting done in ass-goo covering the dining room rug. And pee on the dog beds, because Annie leaks if she is not walked twice a day. And deep drifts of dog hair on the rug. And dishes in the oven.

So it's great to be home, but could have done without the vacuuming, rug cleaning and dog bed laundering marathon.

But still. It's great to be home.


Brian and Becca Davis said...

dude. sounds like you need a new dog sitter.

sorry for the mess. glad you're home.


D.B. Echo said...

Janice, I just realized I had a comment of yours (about peoplepoweredmachines) tied up in moderation since Saturday! Sorry about that!

piglet said...

No sweat, D.B.!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like your dog sitter has the "I refuse to do at home what I do all day at work" syndrome.

Apparently that extends to the homes of others as well.

Just stoppin' in at your blog to say hello.

Acronym Jim