Saturday, August 02, 2008

I Kicked Ass on my New Computer Game Today

So I bought this software for my Raspberry that allows me to track my nutrition and exercise. I guess the theory is if you have to write everything down, you may think twice about downing that third brownie, or you might take one more lap around the park.

Yes, I'm calling this a computer game. It's as close as I'm going to get, and it allows me hours of fun trying to fudge the numbers in my favor. Mmmm, fudge.

But today I discovered a new weapon in my fight for domination over this game: gardening. I have been bumming because my "very brisk" walks in the morning are only good for 257 calories per hour. Today I put in about three hours in the back yard, between picking the blueberries, cutting back the grape vines and wisteria, and mowing, so I thought I should get to count that for something.

Imagine my surprise when my game tells me that gardening is worth 320 calories per hour - 63 calories more per hour than very brisk walking! I feel like I found a "cheat."

Between the walking and the gardening I did today, I feel like I am entitled to eat a stick of butter. But I'm going to stick with some leftover pizza and some M&Ms.

I know. The glamour of my life takes my breath away sometimes.

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