Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Here's a Thought For You. Now Go Ice Yourself Down.

It's too hot to sit here and write crap, so I will make it short:

I saved this wee quip from a BBC Radio broadcast last week, because I thought Drew would appreciate it: "tofu is proof that nature abhors a vegan." (Personally, I have no problem with either, but be warned that vegans would have a tough time finding something to eat at the fire station. I'm not sure if that's a diversity issue or not. Or just an old, old wooden ship.)

I'm going to go out on an ice floe, and guess that nature abhors a Hummer too.


Cpt a said...

Giant 2 pound steaks for dinner tonight for each of us. More red meat than I've had in 6 months (not a vegetable to be found)...followed by some Moose Tracks ice cream... It's a good thing I ride bikes.

piglet said...

Holy moly - its a good thing I have a garden full of greens in the back yard to balance all that out.

Jenny said...

I heart polar bears long time. I club vegans 4-ever.