Monday, August 11, 2008

Summer Clearance 2008 - Tour de France Version

Okay, so I got distracted in July and never posted my annual Tour de France issue, wherein I make a completely inane and misguided prediction, and/or reminisce about hilarious moments of sportscasting gobbledy-gook.

Not that I blame the guys for occasionally spewing something unintentionally kooky after 21 straight days of 8-hour-a-day blabber making. They gots to keep talking. Dead air is bad for the career.

But this year was an especially good one. Behold:

Phil Ligett on the 3-peak Alpe D'uez day: "Quite an unrelentless pace today..." Okay, we'll let that slide, because it's Phil Ligett.

Bob Roll: "...sometimes you have to pick your entrails up off the road and keep going..." Well, to be fair, that's just Bob Roll being Bob Roll.

Paul Sherwin: "Last year his Tour de France did not go quite as expected, but this year he's come back younger & stronger." Now that's more like it.

And my favorite stupid thing came from my least favorite stupid announcer:

Frankie Andreu: "If Euskatel doesn't win, then I would say Euskatel lost."

I'm putting my money on George Hincapie to win. I think it's his year.


Jenny said...

5 points for using the word entrails in a sentence. That's so Buffy right now.

cpt a said...

I'm betting it all on Saunier Duval...those guys can climb crazy fast...must be something in the water.