Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Made in U.S.A.? Hell, It's Made Right Over There

It's a Bike!

Drew has been like an expectant father ever since he ordered himself a custom racing bike from Signal Cycles, the newest bike builders in Portland (add "Capital of Custom Bike Shops" to Portland's other titles, next to "Capital of Microbrews", "Capital of West Coast Bohemians", and "Land of Powell's City of Books").

Matt and Nate with their creation, Number 10 of the Signal Cycles custom line, a steel racing bike built to handle firefighter-sized racers.

And now it has arrived. Number ten off the non-assembly line, with a stamp to prove it. It really is nice. For a bike. And it seems to make him happy. No. Delirious.

So he took it out to PIR last night and won. It must work.


cpt a said...

I am a frickin bike geek, huh? I don't know when it happened but there's the proof. It really is nice though.

SeattleTammy said...

Congrats to Drew!

We got bikes for ourselves (Giant "Simples") and have been riding a bit each day. So far we haven't had the nerve to actually ride on 101, but it's easy enough to get around on side streets and the houses are cuter. Hoquiam has been voted "Most Friendly Town" and dammit they live up to it! Yesterday, we were waiting for traffic to clear on 109 so we could cut across, when a van stopped for us. He finally had 6 cars behind him Northbound, but Southbound traffic would not stop. Finally I shooed him on, amid much waving thanks. Those cars moved on, but then a logging truck saw what was happening, stopped for us, flashed his headlights at an on-coming truck, and got him to block the other lane for us! I felt like ducklings being herded across the street!

piglet said...

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, that's so cute. I've got to experience Hoquiam some day.