Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shaken to the Core

Click to view in a size big enough for Drew to read without his glasses.

To the core, I tell you, by a scurrilous bit of claptrap on another otherwise righteous blog, by a commenter denying Berkeley Breathed the proper status of National Treasure, up there with Garry Trudeau, William Shatner, and The Mall of America.

Bloom County saw me through college, the Desperately Poor Years, the Reagan Administration Years (which coincidentally were the same years), and each bump in the psyche since then. For the past 25 or so years, if I was hitting a low patch, serotonin-wise, then you would find me with my nose in one of my Bloom County anthologies. I credit them with saving me thousands in mood-stabilizing medication.

The above-referenced slur sent me back to my Bloom County stash this week to find and scan my favorite strip of all time.

It's an eerily accurate portrait of me and my chauffeur, life partner and protector, Captain Drew. In our household, the phrase "a woman of rare beauty and delicate constitution" is praise reserved for only the most deserving.

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