Monday, July 07, 2008

Yes, I Realize I've Been Back from the Beach for Awhile Now

But I have had nothing to say, and I can guess that you don't need me posting more drivelly drivel than usual.

Today I made a $374 bet.

I bet AT&T that my Raspberry device will no longer take a picture because of the device's bad quality. They are betting that I must have dropped it from a great height, causing unseen outward damage, but some subtle user-based trauma that they can blame on me.

Here's how the bet works:

  1. They send me a new phone.
  2. I send mine back to them.
  3. They inspect my old phone for people-caused damage. If they find any, they charge me $374 for the phone ($275 more then I paid for it).
  4. No, they will not send my old one back to me and forget the whole thing.
  5. I wait for their honest judgment.
  6. If I'm cleared of wrongdoing, they let me have the new phone and don't charge me for being bad.
Man, I hope the few bumpy little wacks it has taken have not done anything disastrous to its innards. Because I took their bet.

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cpt a said...

You are a brave and trusting's hoping they're honest.