Wednesday, July 09, 2008

No Oprah for Me Today

It could have been a terrorist attack, but I think it was just a blown transformer thingy out on 36th Ave.

It was all OMG for a moment there this morning - the lights went out followed by a big crunky-sounding bang, and then another. Louder and less glassy and tire-screechy than a car accident would be, but not as clearly explosive as an explosion would be - like an explosion in a metal box. Times two.

The dogs, outside sniffing after breakfast, were trying to fend off the inevitable giant robot bear attack by barking in their freaked-out voices, which, I hate to tell them, would never scare off a giant robot bear.

I went out to investigate, and could see nothing but our neighbor doing the same thing.

She went in to call 911 (whatever), and I went in to round up the dogs and take a stroll over towards 36th Avenue.

We found a fire engine, a cherry picker, a flopping-down power line, and one dude trying to direct traffic.

Case closed. Luckily, Oprah was not in my plans today, but neither was rotting freezer food, so here's hoping for a quick fix.

I'll quit using up my Raspberry power now, or I'll have to go drive it around.

Hey, wouldn't it be great to have a cell phone you could power like those wind-up flashlights? Get on it, geniuses!

Update: The power outage lasted about three hours, so my ice cream sandwiches should be safe, if I had any. Which I don't. I'll be at the store. In the frozen foods aisle.

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