Thursday, June 12, 2008

Upside: It's Not Flooding Here

So my afternoon went like this:

  1. Drain and clean last year's mystery poison from yard sprayer thingy.
  2. Realize the sprayer thingy is missing a nozzle thingy.
  3. Against all odds, find nozzle thingy in the garage.
  4. Mix new batch of bug killer juice.
  5. Realize that the nozzle was removed from the sprayer thingy because it doesn't work.
  6. Try to clean the nozzle out with a needle.
  7. Scream when a bug comes out of the nozzle when I least expect it.
  8. Put the nozzle back on and retry.
  9. Say f**k it, take the nonworking nozzle off, and spray the grape vines full force with the hose end of the sprayer.
  10. Make a godawful mess, including milky bug death juice dripping down 150 square feet of sunroom glass.
  11. Realize that the yard sprayer has been leaking all over my pants.
  12. Throw yard sprayer away.
  13. Find bucket, rags and squeegee.
  14. Prepare a bucket full of glass cleaner formula.
  15. Clean 150 square feet of sunroom glass.
  16. Open a sunroom window to get to a screened area that needs cleaning.
  17. Break the window mechanism so that (a) the window can't stay open and (b) can't close.
  18. Scare dogs with loud cursing.
  19. Try to fix window mechanism that defies the laws of physics.
  20. Confirm physics law by breaking window mechanism.
  21. Concede.

1 comment:

cpt a the meatatarian said...

You slay me...Sorry you had a crapolla day.