Friday, June 27, 2008

The Killin Season

It was a long winter, but a relatively mild one, which means my freckles are now fighting for space with mosquito bites. And its June; the mosquitoes haven't even had that much time to have skeeter-breeding orgies in Drew's old tires yet.

The county's mosquito control team (which has apparently purchased a second-hand meter-maid scooter to use as a patrol vehicle) has been out driving around the area, wondering what to do.

The grass in the park was treated this morning with something poisony smelling. I guess its for the best, with the soccer kids and all the flea-bitten mutts piddling about (with any luck, it's just the mutts doing the piddling).

I hope its not too earth-killing.

But as the dogs and I walked and piddled this morning (again, the parties of the first part are the only ones indulging in the party of the second part), we saw a dragonfly lying in the smelly grass, its nearly-there wings wrongly still.

There must be a better way.


hedera said...

Actually, in California you can get mosquito-eating fish for your pond, free from the dept. of something, which is afraid of West Nile Virus. The fish probably wouldn't like Drew's old tires. The dept. of something has been putting them in the swimming pools of foreclosed houses which are otherwise producing absolute Chinese armies of mosquitoes.

hedera said...

I saw a couple (I think) of dragonflies in our yard this morning. We don't spray stuff. Sad to think of it.