Monday, June 09, 2008

Three Dollar Movie Review: 3:10 to Yuma

My problem with movies like this is I forget not to think.

This story revolves around a hair-brained scheme to escort Russell Crowe, obviously the West's Most Dangerous and Slippery Prisoner, via horse-back, very slowly, including nights of camping against picturesque rocks, through Indian- and Gang-infested territory. In spite of the fact that they had two dozen very lawful and self-defensible reasons to kill him along the way.

Our comments during the movie went something like this:

"Kill him!"

"Kill him now!"

"How about now?"

"Did I miss the part in the movie where they explained how their bullets have a defect that makes them shoot backwards when used against stagecoach robbers?"

On the plus side, the director managed to fit in several unlikely explosions, which help to soothe masculine souls and allow them to forgive ridiculous plots. Two I especially liked for their fishiness: a stagecoach-based man shoots a riding man's saddle-mounted gunpowder pouch, causing both him and his horsey to kaboom; and later a man, whilst fleeing on horseback, tosses a bundle of dynamite into the air and his horseback-fleeing buddy shoots the dynamite, thus causing it to kaboom.

There are so few plausible reasons to fit explosions into westerns. I'm glad these guys went the extra mile to find perfectly reasonable explosion opportunities.

Well done, lads.

My judgment: three Junior Mints boxes out of five.

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cpt a said...

That movie ruled!!!