Tuesday, June 03, 2008

In Which I Consign Myself to Hell

A texting conversation between Dean and me last week after the exile from the Olympic Training Center (due to a group of misguided protesters) was lifted:

Dean: Got back to the gym today and did personal bests in every lift! 790 lb leg press! Woo!

Piglet: Wha? Release pent up energy much?

Dean: Maybe a day off was in order. Strength coach wants to see 1000 by September.

Dean: Did it 4 times in front of a packed tour too.

Piglet: Nice. I hear Pat Robertson has an energy drink that you might want to look into for that 1000 goal.

Dean: Ha, forgot about that. Fueled by Jesus!

Piglet: Maybe it has actual bits of Jesus in it...wait that sounds too much like Catholic communion...have I gone too far with this?

Dean: Its got bits of real panther in it... so you know its good.


DT said...
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DT said...

here's a highly innapropriate footnote, in photo form: