Monday, June 16, 2008

Should a Wild Thing Be Tamed?

Here are some Grooming Day before and after pictures. I've always brushed out Scotty's hair myself, which kept him from matting, but didn't win him any beauty awards.

This isn't a really fair "before" picture, because it was taken on a really wet day, but it's too awesome not to use.

My back hurt for three days after the last bathing and brushing marathon, so I decided to hire it done, just like the city dogs do. He hated it, felt completely violated, and needed some "me time" before he was back to his wacky self. But isn't he pretty?

Yes, the bow is off by now.

And his coat is silkier than I know how to make it. We'll see how long it lasts...

1 comment:

cpt a said...

True he is softer and smells oh so much better. Totally worth the cost, but the bow gotta self respecting man dog should have to wear a bow. That's probably why he needed the me time. He had to get over the shame of the bow. At least it wasn't pink.