Thursday, November 29, 2007

Too Cold.

It's been unseasonably cold. And then wet and cold. And then more (okay, by now) seasonably cold. And then really wet and cold.

I feel strongly that I should not have to honor any obligations outside of the house when the temperature drops below 40 and the sun never truly comes up before it dips down again.

Maybe if I just tell everybody that I have night blindness they will feel more forgiving. I'm not sure that there is such a thing as night blindness, but if there is, I'm signing up for it. I hate driving at night. Double that for rainy nights. Eddie Rabbit can shove his rainy nights up his country bumpkin butt. (Look it up, youngsters.)

Check this space soon for the Christmas Spirit to kick in and the Mood of the Piglet to improve.


cpt a said...

We could just hide in Dean's bags and head to Aukland for the winter...think Walker's mom has an extra room for us?

piglet said...

I don't know why not - we're way cleaner than Dean.

Brian & Becca Davis said...

We can second the vote for NZ improving one's moods!


Is there room in Dean's bags for us to come too?