Tuesday, November 06, 2007

This Post Redacted

I was going to post about how I was wondering this morning, as I was flopping along down a hill with Scotty, how long I had to flop so loose jointedly and carelessly before I started walking stiffly so as not to jar my brittle old limbs.

Then I remembered how the Captain hates my "impending doom" posts and thought better of it.

It is fall, though, and my thoughts turn so easily to The End.

Instead I'll post another pretty picture.

Here's another picture of the Eagle Creek trail because I heard it suffered some bad landslide damage and will be closed for a while.

Becca (and Brian): our peer pressure paid off. You got to see it before the trail gave way (and not during)!



cpt a said...

Impending doom sucks...think happy cotton candy, puupies, and kittens kind of thoughts...that's what I do. Sounds gay but it's really not...really.

Brian & Becca Davis said...

We were thinking the same thing: Phew! We got there in time. Good thing we had Piglet and Cpt Drew to influence our actions. Does that mean we need to hurry down to Bend before it washes away or burns up or something?

Did you see they blocked the right turn on Greeley/Interstate after the second accident today? Hallelujah!

piglet said...

Yes, It's good to see action instead of shoulder shrugging.

Watch out, out there, little cyclists!