Friday, November 16, 2007

This Just In: Disappointed Alumna Vows Never Again to Place Her Faith in Duck Football

Crushed. Ouch. I yelled at my dogs last night and I was in a rotten mood all day. Sports should not have such power over me. I laugh at people like this.

Dennis Dixon's Knee: You are dead to me. Brady Leaf: Dead. Duck Defense: Dead. Bellotti: Dead. Arizona: Don't get me started.

Dixon: If you have any smarts, you will limp around the rest of the season and get that knee back in shape for your pro career. Don't completely wipe it out for these damn Ducks. They're not worth it.

Update: Damn it, he should have been out for the season before the Arizona game, and Bellotti should have prepared his team to play without him.

Bellotti: you say you were just trying to help Dixon continue to play like he wanted. That's crap. You were using him. You should have been the adult, benched him for his own future, and worked on your Plan B.

Dixon: Get your knee fixed and spend the rest of the year in the weight room. You look like Olive Oyl out there. Put some meat on your bones if you want a chance in the pros.

Okay, I'll go back to my regularly scheduled nonsense now.

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