Sunday, February 18, 2007

Where We Celebrate a Sneak Peak of the Sun By Acting Like Overworked Peasants of Yore

The sun came out yesterday. The one sunny day in February we all wait for and absolutely drink. The sun gets so mobbed by all the sun-starved Pacific Northwesterners, it doesn't come back for four months.

Instead of playing in the sun, we needed to go out back and repair all the damage the PNW winter and two doofy dogs have done to the yard. I am talking chainsaw-size repair. The rot rotting away at our locust bean tree finally went too far this winter and the old fellow had to come down. Wonderful opportunity for chopping firewood and making a UPS truck-sized pile of brush into kindling and a smaller sized pile of brush at another location.

When we took a break for lunch and a trip to the yard & garden store, I managed to leave my purse, with about a hundred bucks, credit cards, gum, and a cool phone with a flower sticker at the local Baja Fresh.

Once I noticed it missing and sweated through every traffic light (all red - thanks, magic Drew!) back to the restaurant, I was sure it was a goner. But there it was on the counter. Someone had turned it in with every single dollar and stick of gum intact.

Thanks, good human, whoever you are!

Today I did more yard work. But it is all good, because my pants are loose.

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