Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Field Trip!

My zoo membership has been burning a hole in my pocket this winter as it rained and snowed and rained with special guest wind. Today the sun was out, so I TOOK OFF. Actually I worried for an hour about the drive and my gas guage, left the garage, got about six blocks and wondered how I was going to manage to eat expensive and awful zoo food for lunch, turned around, ate a sandwich, changed my coat (because the first one seemed too, non-zoo-like), and then TOOK OFF.

This is what I saw: The meerkats in Portland are a little, um, rounder than the ones in Africa. But they are still good at keeping a sentry posted. Just in case.
This peacock was trying to impress some farm hens. It wasn't working. He tried everything. Even a cool shimmy move.
The polar bears were playing with this barrel. This barrel is made of sturdy stuff. They could make a commercial with these guys.
Die, barrel, die!
The tiger looking more fabulous than you.


Dean said...

"Die Barrel Die" is the new album by my new band, The Next Bushes

piglet said...

Are you lead cow bell?