Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tubes Untied: My Fruitless Search for Justice

So Comcast cost too much.

So we call Qwest and say, "Hey, Qwest, remember us? Come back and hook us up with some cheap DSL and a plain old MSN account, just like in the old days."

Two weeks later, still no plain old MSN account. Seems like MSN put an 0 where there should have been a 1, or vice versa. MSN, the leader of all things computer, could not figure out how to restore our service.

We called them back (okay, Drew called them back) and told them to kiss our asses and cancel our non-service.

Luckily, we had held on to our Comcast modem and account until we were sure we were squared away with Qwest/MSN.

So my job last night was to un-connect the Qwest DSL system of jiggers and pulleys, and re-install the cable one.

But something happened to the modem while it was biding its time on the bench. It could no longer talk. Talk, modem, talk! Say something!

Plug. Unplug. Screw. Unscrew. Restart. Restart. Restart.

It turns out that the "series of tubes" was just not full of internet goo yet, and I just had to be patient. This morning we're back in business.

And paying way too much. My nose hurts, we are paying so much. (Paying through the nose, get it?)

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