Sunday, June 04, 2006

Fun Game!

This past week, all my free time and energy has been taken up with the bottling and packing away of some barely controlled rage targeted at persons who really don't completely deserve it. Hormones may have played a part. Hard to gauge, really.

Lets move on.

Since my mind has not been percolating with super cool new and fun ideas, I will divert your attention to some old ideas that may bring a smile (if you, too, are of a certain age). Here's a game. Name the comic who made each of these catch phrases into household words:


  • I'm a wild and crazy guy!
  • or, for you late 70's aficionados: die, you gravy sucking pigs!
  • We shall now consume mass quantities
  • but noooooo....
  • Choppin' broccoli
  • Alllllrighty then
  • I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay
  • Laces out, Dan
  • Pinin' fer the fjords???
  • Disappointed!
  • (or) Don't call me stupid!
  • Luxury!
  • Newman!
  • Albatross! It's bleedin' albatross flavoured!
  • One meeeeellion dollars.
  • Obsess much?
  • This one goes to eleven.
  • None more black.
  • Incontheivable!
  • No kitty! Bad kitty!
  • I spit in your general direction.
  • Road trip!
  • It's a Cinderella story...
  • Thank you very little.
  • He's so hot right now.
  • It's not a toomah.

and for extra credit...

  • Normal view!
  • Thick as a whale omelet
  • or anything about "enormous trousers" or "floppily doppilies"
  • and finally...
  • Lord & Lady Douchebag

Thank you for playing.

Back later with some actual original thoughts. One hopes.

1 comment:

Dean said...

:steve martin and dan akroyd.. SNL
:choppin broccolli, dana carvy
:jim carrey
:eric idle
:jim carrey again
:john cleese
:graham chapman
:uhm. dunno
:cleese again
:mike meyers
:jim carrey
:christopher guest
:wallace shawn?
:cartman (matt stone)

cant do the rest... gotta do some real work