Monday, May 29, 2006

My Suggestion for Memorial Day

If you have HBO, watch the documentary "Bagdad ER."

But not if you have a wobbly stomach.

And not before bed if you tend to dream about what you just saw.

No, it's not some more of my leftist pinko agenda. It is very objective. It doesn't try to tell you what to think. It just reminds you of the consequences of war, an important reminder for every citizen of a country at war.


Drew said...

Everyone of voting age should see may be the next one asked to go or asked to send your own or someone elses sons and daughters into war.

If you're not outraged you're not paying attention.

anne altman said...

no shit. the reality already keeps this bleeding heart awake at night so she knows her limits and bagdad er is not for anne.

anne saves insects from drowning, the ones which accidentally land in the lake when she's canoeing.

bagdad er is not for anne.

piglet said...

Anne -
Thanks for visiting my blog. I totally heart yours.
I will post soon, when I have a new thought.