Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Yes, That Was Me. Quit Laughing.

If you happened to be tootling along in your car on McCann Road at around 6 pm tonight and had to slow down in order to avoid a woman with her nose inches off the ground and her feet making a valiant yet comical attempt to get back underneath her while pulling along two amused (yet sure they were going to get blamed for this somehow) collies, yes, that was me.

No, I don't know what catapulted me into flight-or-flat-on-the-asphalt mode.

Yes, I stopped and pretended to remove some random pinecone or whatnot from the bottom of my shoe in an attempt to look like I don't just lose control of my neuro-muscular system every now and then.

Yes, the dogs looked worried the rest of the way home. It was probably their fault.

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Dean said...

so that's where i get it...