Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Is your town this cool?

I just read a blog post in which the townspeople of his particular suburbish berg were acting like car-honking hooligans as the World Cup heats up (real hooligans don't live in suburbs and don't own cars, so we'll have to think up a new word - maybe sub-hooligans).

Of course, most of the US would be ignoring the World Cup if they were aware of its existence.

Here in New Bohemia (Portland, OR), we have a euro-awareness of a somewhat more genteel nature. For instance, your waitress might approach your table and say, "Anyone here for Ghana?" And you, being a Portlander of the appropriate coolness level, will reply, "Oh, yes! What's the score?" Because, as a Portlander of the appropriate level of cool, you will know that she is referring to the tiny country of Ghana, who, at that moment, is taking on the relative powerhouse of Italy on the futbol pitch, and of course, as a proper Portlander, you are rooting for the underdog (yes, of course, they lost).

Anyone who asks if Ghana is the Chai tea-of-the-day will be outed as a pretender.


Dean said...

so who's your money in the Tunisia-Saudi Arabia match? I've got an innertube and a cup of coffee on Tunisia

piglet said...

You can bet the ulullations will be mighty and long, no matter what the outcome.