Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wearing a Lei and Riding a Bike: Super Hawaiian

Day 9 (Saturday): The only breakfast restaurant within walking distance of our resort is as good as you would expect from a restaurant with a captive clientele. In fact, they are so secure in their place that they employ tiny adorable 7 or 8 year old hula dancing girls to cadge an extra five bucks out of their customers for leis that I'm pretty sure they make from flowers from the resort plants. It's all okay with me. I have a lei, And I'm feeling Super Hawaiian.

We start downtown on foot and make it as far as the cycling shop where we rent bikes and spend the rest of the day on two wheels (each, that is). There is a bike/walking path that runs five miles along the beach here in Kapa'a. Beautiful views and excellent beaches along the way. Compared to the Big Island, the sand here is soft. It reminds me of the difference between skiing on snow and skiing on powder. This is powder sand. We stop at Scotty's and have a late lunch (+Mai Tais).

Back to the room for happy hour and treats. The view from our room is blue waves and the sound, roaring surf. My favorite kind of hotel room.

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