Sunday, August 19, 2012

Good Beach Hunting

Day 10 (Sunday): We want to get in the water, but we want to get in the RIGHT water. With so many beaches to decide on (tough problem), we wind up at Lydgate Beach just south of the resort. It's got a great little swimming area protected by boulders from the surf. It's perfect. We swim out to the boulder jetty and feel the surf crash up on the other side and sea foam plops on our heads.

Lydgate Beach Park swimming area
In the afternoon, we take a drive up north to Princeville, exploring Secret Beach (remember as you play in the surf to leave enough energy for the strenuous hike back up to the car), 'Anini Beach (very snorkely, calm, and shallow with easy access and a lot of room to spread out), and Hanalei Bay.

Secret Beach
Hanalei Beach Park at the pier is jumping this Sunday with locals backing their pickups and makeshift sunshades up to the sand and tourists with their striped hotel towels. The bay is unusually calm and glassy.

Tomorrow: Waimea Canyon hike.

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