Sunday, August 19, 2012

Recovery Through Food And Forced Slow Marches

Day 12 (Tuesday): Today is a designated recovery day. We started recovering by eating too much at the Kountry Kitchen, a local favorite breakfast place. And when in Rome, eat the Loco Moco. Loco Moco is a Hawaiian standard: a hamburger patty on a bed of rice, topped with two eggs, topped with gravy. I ate that. Deal with it.

Our recovery afternoon consisted of an expensive tour through a fancy garden. The fancy garden in question is the Allerton Garden, run by The National Tropical Botanical Gardens, a nonprofit tropical plant research group. However, there is no life saving research being done at the Allerton Gardens. It was gifted to them, so they use it mainly as a source of income because if you take the tour, you can see and photograph the cool dinosaur-egg-discovery trees used in Jurassic Park.

The remainder of the gardens were designed and planted by Robert Allerton and his partner who had a less distinctive name and a less rich father, who were into leafy beauty big time.

We should have been more fascinated, but tours with a bunch of random people make both of us concentrate on the unusual family dynamics and weird peccadillos of the other tourists so much, it's hard to concentrate. We end up spending all our time whispering to each other.

However, it did slow us down more than anything else so far. Tours are great at making you move only as fast as the slowest tourist.

We completed our recovery day at Duke's Canoe Club at the Marriott in downtown Lihu'e. Lovely setting. Pretty good food. Sorry. That's two food reports in one day. You have to admit that I have been pretty careful since that whole crepe episode.

Recovery beverages

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