Friday, August 17, 2012

Strange Fishes

Day 7 (Thursday): We have declared this a rest day. We begin our resting at poolside, watching kids splash while parents look on (sort of).

Resting by the pool for a day lasted about two hours.

We took off for some snorkeling in the bay by our hotel. Drew snorkeled, I used a boogie board with a window in it for fish ogling. Drew might have seen more fishies but I got to keep my prescription sunglasses on and kick around without actually working at swimming. I also got a hot pink sunburn on my ass. No matter how much sunblock I apply, the sun always finds that spot I missed, and it's usually in a weird pattern on an out-of-way spot. This time, in a nice crescent, from where I thought my swimsuit would cover to where it actually stopped covering.

Looking toward the snorkeling bay from our lanai
By the time we had ogled a proper number of fishes and showered the salt water off, it was happy hour. Drinky-snorkeling ensued.

Turtles out our window, getting a little sun
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