Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Squirrelly Behavior: Frowned Upon

This is not the squirrel who bit through the rope that held the bird feeder hanging from the grape arbor. He's more difficult to photograph, as Scotty keeps him up the tree when the back door is opened. But this one will have to do as an illustration of the evil that the back yard squirrels have been up to.

This is actually a Colorado Springs resident who might as well have had a cardboard sign, he was such a vagrant, living off the largesse of upstanding CS citizens.

Our back yard squirrel apparently felt that if the bird feeder was on the ground, it would be more convenient for him to eat from, instead of shinnying down ropes and hanging precariously from a feeder, annoyingly not designed for ease of squirrel access. 

I hung the bird feeder back up using hanger wire, so I win this round, Squirrelly.

You're on notice.

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Squirrels: Threat or Menace?