Sunday, March 29, 2009

First the Leaf Blowing, Then This.

We thought we were seeing a little more of the neighbor's ugly white-and-blue house this spring. Apparently, it is because he has killed our privacy hedge. 

Either he got tired of the little fronds sticking out of his side of the chain link fence, or he got a little out of control with the weed killer on his side of the fence, but it has had the same effect - dead bushes. 

We are considering our options. Clearly the damage is done. It is too late to tell him to knock it off, although we will certainly bring it up as we make some changes. We could sue, but he's got enough problems, what with his pushing-thirty-year-old son never leaving home and continuing to live his carefree, swinging lifestyle, coming home at 3 in the morning and parking his after-market-loudness-accessorized car outside our bedroom window and (with any justice) waking him up as well as he tromps into his room with his date.

I think the change will be a switch from chain link to cedar fence. 


D.B. Echo said...

How come cars like that never get stolen?

Wow, that sucks about the hedge. I think our neighbor did something like that to some of our pine trees a few years ago. And my uncle's neighbor just pounded tubes filled with salt around the roots of a tree that he thought was too close to his side of the property line.

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DT said...

cedar fence with subwoofer sensing rocket launchers