Monday, March 09, 2009

Shedding in the Snow - It Would be Poetic if it wasn't so Unpoetic

If you listen to the "experts," dogs shed their hair in response to the amount of daily light they get as the seasons change, rather than the temperature changes of the season. Or it could be witchcraft. Either theory would explain why Annie started her twice-or-more-if-she's-feeling-cranky-yearly coat blow this week as it snowed.

This is how Annie looks during non-shedding season. And usually in this position. (Scotty, never one to put something off, just sheds full-time.)

This is how shedding season starts. Clumps of fluff start to appear on her haunches, which may be pulled out in big chunks. Once I start pulling, I get compulsive about it. It's like picking a scab. As soon as I see a chunk sticking out, I grab and pull and get a handful of fluff. But that makes some more fluff pop out, so I have to grab that. It's a losing battle.

The hair loss then moves forward toward her head, until there's big fluff poofs coming out of the ruff around her neck (where her Lassie hair would be if she was a rough collie). This makes her look godawful, but I would never tell her. I just keep pulling and brushing and vacuuming. It takes maybe a month for it all to pass.

This is your warning if you think dog ownership is all ball throwing and face licking.

Oh, and she has chronic diarrhea. 


Kathleen Rinks said...

Janice, Have you tried the Furminator dog shedding tool. My vet sells them and it works like a dream. There is a video online on their website.


piglet said...

I've heard that it's good, but I can't get past the price tag. Ironically, I've bought so many cheap brushes and combs, I probably have spent that much money anyway.