Friday, March 06, 2009

Doctor Econosplode: The Spectator Sport

So our evil supervillain, Doctor Econosplode, has been, as super evil villains can be, in his manic phase this past few months.

It's frightening and sad to watch, but for the most part, we have been able to be spectators at this event. Drew's job is not in danger, as people continue to set their houses on fire. I could see mine shrinking from three to two days a week by summer if things keep sliding, but I doubt if I will lose it altogether. We don't have an adjustable rate mortgage, and although our retirement fund is a pit of despair, we didn't invest any money with either Mr. Madoff, Mr. Bear or Mr. Stearns (not out of wisdom, but out of not having any left over).

Watching it from the sidelines has been a little like watching an accident in slow motion - horrifying, but yet involuntarily exhilarating as well. This may not be the change we wanted, but it's change, and it makes for a fascinating story. How will it end? Tomorrow? Or should we start stocking up on flour and kerosene?

I don't have to tell you to stay tuned. We all are glued to the set.

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